Dear Friends at Family Life,
I am happy to inform you that as of this moment I am debt free! I already mailed my last payment for the full amount. I have to say thank you all at Family Life for your hard work and dedication that you have shown me. You have truly touched my life and I hope you will continue to touch other people`s lives.
Ocala, Florida

My husband and I thank you for saving our marriage! We were on the verge of divorce due to having too much “debt”. Your counselor gave us a word of hope and started us in the Debt Freedom Program and taught us how to use the Cash Envelope system. Today we are out of debt and actually have money in savings. We both agree that calling Family Life was the best call we have ever made!
God Bless You,
Pam and John
Tampa, Florida

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Before we got married our pastor sent us to Family Life Resources for Pre-Marital Financial Counseling. Our eyes were opened-wide when they pulled our credit reports and found that each of us had outstanding debts from previous marriages. The Family Life counselor explained how our credit scores were impacted and how this would affect us when we go to buy a house or car. We established a “plan of action” that we both agreed to and this saved us from a disastrous start. Thanks to Family Life our marriage started off with great communication regarding money and finances. My wife and I have NO secrets about spending. We both realized during our counseling that money is one the hardest areas to completely trust someone with, especially after each of us had been divorced. Today, we can say that God has given us complete trust with one another and the foundation was built around our finances.
We tell all our friends they need to go to FLR and find out for themselves.
Craig and Allison
Gainesville, Florida

We had no idea how much groceries cost or how much electric and phone bills would be. Mike and I were only 20 years old and lived with our parents. When we said “I Do” we would be stepping out on our own for the first time. Thankfully our pastor sent us to Family Life Resources for pre-marital financial counseling. The counselor showed us the cold hard facts, the real “facts of life and debt and credit”. We immediately decided to develop a “spending plan” and start a savings account. Today we are still following “our” plan and we are very thankful to FLR for helping us start out our new life with direction and attainable dreams.
Tammy and Scott
Ft. Myers, Florida

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I have personally seen the impact on couples that have been to counseling at Family Life Resources and highly recommend any Pastor to utilize their ministry.
Tom Biles, 813-935-3839
Executive Director Tampa Bay Baptist Association

I have sent many couples through the years to Family Life Resources for counseling. I believe Pre-Marital Financial Counseling is critical today. Most Pastors have little credibility when talking serious finances with a couple. When I send couples to FLR I have the confidence that they will cover areas that NO clergy ever could. I highly recommend every Pastor to send their pre-marital couples to FLR if you want to really start them off right.
Pastor Carl Stutzman, 813-963-2749
New Hope Community
Lutz, Florida

Money and Finances have become the #1 reason for most divorces. I highly recommend Pastors to plug into FLR`s Pre-Marital Financial Counseling program and help their new couples get started on a solid financial foundation.
Pastor Joe Bowles, 813-752-8345
Shiloh Church
Plant City, Florida

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Brandon Worship Center
On behalf of Brandon Worship Center, thank you for opening your doors of ministry to us. I know that at the core of Family Life Resources is a heart of love and service to the Body of Christ; and I am extremely grateful to have been the recipient of it. I can assure you that we will continue to utilize your valuable services and to recommend this wonderful work to other pastors.
Pastor Jackie McDonald, 813-654-0588
Brandon, Florida

First Baptist Church Indian Rocks
I would like to recommend Family Life Resources to you for your ministry. Recently we invited Family Life Resources to speak at one of our services on the subject of credit card debt. It was a very sobering message that struck home to many in our church family. They came back two more times to minister to our people. I highly recommend their approach and ministry to you.
Pastor Charlie Martin, 727-595-3421
Largo, Florida

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Dallas 1 Construction Company
We are extremely happy with the employee counseling that Family Life has provided us. Often employees find themselves in financial emergencies or even disasters and we as a company are limited to how we can help. FLR has provided another way to give our employees assistance and has made a real impact. We recommend to anyone who is looking for ways to give their employees meaningful benefits and assistance to contact Family Life Resources.
Paul Lancaster, Vice President 813-986-1922
Tampa, Florida

Integrated Metal Products, Inc.
Family Life gave our employees an education about Credit and Credit Scores. The next week they came back to our workplace and met with most of them to review their personal credit reports. This opened the door to help many who needed additional help without causing any embarrassment. I gladly recommend to any owner to bring Family life in to help train your employees about money and credit. We see it as a great benefit to the employees and also a way to avoid potential problems that could arise without their help.
Wayne Albritton, Owner 863-646-4100
Lakeland, Florida

Suncoast AutoBuilders
As a Christian business owner we are always looking for ways to give our employees the best in benefits and employee assistance. Family Life Resources has added a new dimension to how we can help. Giving practical education on a quarterly basis regarding financial issues of interest and providing hands-on confidential counseling when needed, demonstrates our genuine interest in the lives of our family of employees. This is very important to us. We want them to know that we care. Family Life`s values and heart to minister match well with our own, and they have gifts and skills to offer life impacting help. We recommend that every Christian business owner contact FLR and see how they can best work with you. We are very happy that we did.
Tom Strickland, Owner 727-561-0764
Clearwater, Florida

West Florida Professional Golfer Association
As the President of the West Florida PGA we try to provide the best in continuing education for our membership. Family Life Resources has been great in giving our Golf Professionals educational training that they can apply to their everyday living. They have genuinely met our needs and requirements in every way. We encourage you to contact them about your company or group.
Kennie Simms, PGA 813-631-4374
Tampa, Florida

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